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Powerful Air Purification Solutions

The recent pandemic, forest fires, and industrial accidents are generating increased awareness about the risks of airborne contaminants. At ProMark, we understand that this is a serious issue for hospitals, airports, restaurants, offices, and any facility where contaminated air can spread. Total Spectrum Air Purification System breaks down viruses to reduce the risk of spreading contaminants in the air. Using UV light energy on our catalyst, and gas-phase chemical filter media, our system disrupts organic pathogens and VOCs at the molecular level. Total Spectrum is a powerful air purification solution that can improve the quality of your indoor air.

Looking for Clean Air?

We make clean air that is better than outside air. ProMark Associates, Inc. is an engineering and design company focused on sustainably solving indoor air quality problems, including: safely destroying pollutants, removing odors, enhancing occupant well-being, and preventing corrosion of sensitive electronics. We achieve superior results by using the right chemical filtration media to neutralize or destroy airborne gases before they can do damage or offend the nose. ProGuard® Media is our proprietary series of chemical filter each type of media formulated for control of specific air pollutants. These media perform as well as or better than comparable products. We also design and build equipment to capture air and push it through the filter media, and ensure maximum removal of pollutants. The links below will take you to ProMark’s sustainable solutions for air quality problems.

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