Gas-phase and particulate filters that meet or exceed industry standards.

Antimicrobial Air Filters

ProMark designed for existing systems replacement filters that meet or exceed the performance of the originals. They include 5-inch, high-efficiency final filters, disposable pleated filters with gas-phase and particle-filtration media, and disposable honeycomb chemical filter trays. Each design serves a need in existing housings and solves both particle filtration and gas-phase or just particulate filtration. We explain their specific features below.

ProMark Filters

ProGuard® Filter PMA 90 Final Filters Honeycomb Disposables PMA Retro Cyclonic Prefilter Sand & Dust Seperator

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ProGuard® Filter

Our ProGuard® Filter is a combination chemicals and particulate filter to replace existing particulate-only filters. It has four times the gas-phase media of our competitors standard filter. Each 2 inch filter holds 200 grams/sq. ft. of activated carbon compared to typical 50-gram filters. The 50:50 blend of ProGuard® 600 carbon and ProGuard® 300 has 250 grams/ft2. Customers use ProGuard® Filters in a variety of commercial settings to remove corrosive and odorous gases. It is an ideal solution for commercial buildings into which dirty ventilation air enters and/or where the inside air contains pollutants from cleaning solutions, new carpeting, printers, carpet off gassing, etc. Typical applications include schools, indoor stadiums, casinos without smoking, restaurants, hotels, and homes.

PMA 90 Final Filters

The PMA 90 replaces standard 5-inch-deep final filters. It has twice the media content of competitors’ filters, and half the resistance. It is a true 95 percent filter, MERV 14, that provides higher performance, lower pressure drops, and longer life at a competitive price. PMA90 is bidirectional, with safety-guard screening on both up and downstream facing areas. Both sizes have a single 1-inch header with gasket for better sealing to prevent bypass of particles. Dimensions (Nominal): PMA 90.4 – 24″ h x 24″ w x 5″ d PMA 90.2 – 12″ h x 24″ w x 5″ d Download the Product Specification Sheet

Honeycomb Disposables

Honeycomb Disposable trays hold ProGuard® gas-phase media. They come in many sizes and can be filled with a variety of media and blends of media. The internal honeycomb structure ensures even distribution of media over the whole panel in an economical format that easily replaces existing particle-only filters. These honeycomb filters also control odors when there is not enough room for a new housing.

PMA Retro

PMA Retro filter modules fit into existing air-handling systems in order to add gas-phase capabilities. The Retro is designed with a 1-inch header to replace existing ridged or bag filters that provide gas contaminant control. The housing is permanent, and the eight trays are either refillable or honeycomb disposable. Any ProGuard® Media can be used and trays come prefilled.

Cyclonic Prefilter Sand and Dust Separator

The ProMark Cyclonic Separator is ideal for applications where dust loading can be high, leading to rapid blinding of prefiltraters. This is especially true when airflow is at commercial flow rates of 500 feet per minute or 2.54 meters per second. We can configure a wide range of sizes to suit specific applications.