The best way for your facility to hit your energy-reduction targets.

Side-stream option

In some cases, especially retrofits, there is not sufficient room to install full-sized housings for air purification. The workaround? Take a side stream airflow of at least 20 percent of the air volume out of the return duct (before it is conditioned) and into a gas-phase media unit. Treating a portion of the air stream will steadily reduce target gases and minimize indoor air pollutants. If the level of gases is low and remains low, then this is a good option at a reasonable cost.

In the same way, our side-stream option works as part of a Total Spectrum® air purification system.

Because the Total Spectrum® air purification system reduces most volatile organic compounds below thresholds established by NIOSH, EPA, the World Health Organization, and other standards organizations, the benefits are even more dramatic.

Our system captures or destroys outright everything from molds and bacteria to viruses and radon. So we render the recirculated air to better than outside air, which enables design engineers to set lower ventilation rates saving significant energy.

We can help you design the best option for your facility to achieve your energy reduction targets and increase your sustainability quotient.

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