A new standard for achieving clean indoor air and reducing HVAC energy cost.

Total Spectrum® 21st-century air purification

Our Total Spectrum® air purification system sets a new standard for achieving clean indoor air while significantly reducing HVAC energy cost. Total Spectrum’s five stages of purification unite gas-phase filtration, UV light, and Dynamic Chemistry™ creation to deliver a sustainable knockout punch: destroying contaminants safely while lowering energy cost. Total Spectrum goes beyond traditional ventilation. Our solution purifies indoor air well enough to reuse it. How is Total Spectrum® air purification different from other air cleaning approaches? It joins UV light and a photocatalyst with gas-phase filtration, purifying the recirculated air to better than outside ventilation air with less energy and waste. Now the recirculated air can replace ventilation air that cost so much to condition by temperature and humidity levels. The UV and Dynamic Chemistry components destroy viruses, bacteria, and molds. They convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. And they break down organic chemicals to safe carbon dioxide and moisture. Dynamic Chemistry continuously regenerates the activated carbon, keeping it at peak capacity for years. Total Spectrum technology can be integrated with and optimize HVAC in existing buildings as well as in new construction.

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Economic and environmental benefits of the Total Spectrum® air purification system

  • Reduces energy consumption by recycling conditioned, purified air.
  • Pays for itself in less than two years with sharply reduced life-cycle costs of maintenance  and media replacement.
  • Eliminates airborne contaminants by destroying them—not merely filtering them out.
  • No hazardous by-products or waste to dispose of.
  • Promotes better respiratory health for occupants.
  • Breathing purified air can improve occupant productivity up to 11 percent.
  • Enhances public image and invites green-related media coverage.

Total Spectrum® air purification systems are purifying air and saving energy in a data center and commercial environments including casinos, office buildings, airports, labs, and museums. Wherever there is a need to breathe healthy air and use fewer resources, the Total Spectrum air purification system delivers the desired results.