Engineering Pure Air™
Like water, air must be purified for optimum benefits and safety.

About ProMark

ProMark Associates is a sustainable manufacturer of cost-effective gas- phase filtration solutions that improve human health and productivity while reducing energy used in HVAC. The award-winning Total Spectrum® air purification system takes air-cleaning technology to a new level. ProMark’s proprietary Dynamic Chemistry™ approach uses catalytic reaction to destroy virtually all pollutants. Since 1988, ProMark has built its reputation on engineering expertise and specialized service tailored to meet our customers’ particular needs. Whether yours is an institutional or commercial facility in need of odor control, corrosion control, toxic gas removal, or elimination of airborne pollutants, ProMark can provide a safe, sustainable, and energy-efficient solution.

ProMark receiving ASHRAE Excellence in Engineering Award for Dubuque Casino Air Purification System

Our Team

We deliver engineered indoor air-quality solutions using advanced technology to minimize impact on the environment, maximize economic value through efficient production and use of resources, protect equipment and processes, and deliver clean air for people’s well-being. ProMark engineers focus on immediate improvement and energy-efficient, long-term maintenance of indoor air quality. ProMark’s flexible manufacturing capabilities enable us to design equipment that meets our customers’ particular needs while offering a complete array of standard filtration products for quick delivery and multiuse applications.

Our History

We founded ProMark Associates, Inc. in 1988 to better serve the indoor air quality needs of industrial manufacturers. Having spent more than 30 years as a chemical engineer in the gas filtration industry, ProMark founder Jeff Roseberry used his expertise to develop and deliver more cost effective and tightly targeted gas-phase filtration solutions. Today, ProMark is a global provider of air-purification solutions, including gas-phase filtration media and equipment, and the award-winning Total Spectrum® Air Purification System.

Partial Client List

ProMark helps a wide-range of industries and companies solve their indoor air purification problems—all over the world.

Exxon Mobil Refinery

US locations

Project: Gas-phase filtration system for corrosion control in 10 control rooms, specified vendor for replacement media.


Various locations in Mexico

Projects: Corrosion monitors, environmental monitors, deep bed scrubbers, side access housings for room pressurization, replacement media and proprietary filters.

Marathon Petroleum Refinery

US locations

Project: Replace existing room pressurization scrubbers with proprietary recirculation/pressurization scrubbers: flexible modular design, compact size, easy servicing; media replacement, service competitors’ existing deep bed scrubber.

Coffeyville Resources, Refinery


Projects: Design, install explosion-proof pressurization side access housing units, replace competitors’ old scrubbers, replace proprietary media in modules and in bulk.

U.S. Steel


Projects: Design, install deep bed scrubbers, recirculation/pressurization cabinet scrubbers, electronic cabinet scrubbers, replacement media and filters for corrosion control.

ArcelorMittal Steel

(formerly Inland Steel, Bethlehem and LTV)

US locations

Projects: Design, build crane cab scrubbers, supplying media and filters; design, build pressurization/recirculation units for controls rooms.

Minera Los Pelambres; Enami; Codelco


Project: Prevent and control corrosion in air compressors with scrubbers and replacement media in copper mines.

City of Baytown


Project: Scrubbers for odor control installed in wastewater treatment lift station.

Cavern Technologies


Project: Design, build, oversee installation of robust air purification system to protect sensitive electronics; data center in a limestone mine filled with VOCs and corrosive sulfur gases.

George Bush International Airport


Project: Solve IAQ problems in terminal using patented media module retrofitted to limited space inside the competitors’ air-handling units.

Delhi International Airport Terminal 3


Project: Purify air from around the airport as it enters fresh air intakes and then do the same with recirculated air.

Nad Al Sheba, Meydan Project


Project: The HVAC systems were located in a 100,000 car parking garage including the ventilation air. Total Spectrum® air purification systems were installed on all AHUs so pure air would be supplied to the thoroughbred horses and the main building.

Q Casino


Project: Design, build, and install air purification system for casino (new construction) to eliminate smoking odor complaints.

Akron Hospital


Project: Provide side access housing and proprietary modules to eliminate exhaust fumes and odors from helicopters landing on hospital roof next to air intakes.

Portland Art Museum


Project: Retrofit adding gas-phase filters and proprietary media to existing air handling units; protect archives and artwork from airborne chemicals.

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art


Project: Purify air in archive storage facility in a mountain where vehicle exhaust fumes were a problem. Design, build proprietary air purification system to capture and destroy airborne chemicals.