Save your critical electronic equipment.

Corrosion Control

Protecting your critical electronic equipment from gaseous contaminants in the air that corrode copper and silver connectors, contacts, printed circuit boards, hard drives, switches, and cabling is critical to operations. Applying gas-phase media manufactured to chemically react with acid gases extends the useful life of these sensitive components. As more and more control systems are managed via electronic and computer systems, failure of these controls could be catastrophic. Protecting them is a high priority because the replacement would be costly and the failure more so. ProMark designs equipment to capture polluted air, chemically remove harmful gases, and filter out particles— returning clean air back to the space from which it came. The ProGuard® Media we use becomes spent over time and needs to be tested for remaining life. We offer that service to our customers free of charge. Periodic sampling and testing of ProGuard media ensures peak performance of the scrubber and optimum protection of the electronics and electrical components.

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