Monitoring services that assure the gas-phase media is doing its job.

Corrosion Monitoring

In applications that require chemical filtration, such as plant control rooms or data centers for corrosion, and museums for conservation purposes, we strongly recommend that the room environment be monitored for corrosion. ProMark can provide appropriate ProGuard® monitoring equipment and services to ensure that the gas-phase media is doing its job—protecting your equipment and people by providing a warning before any serious damage is done.

ProMark Monitoring

PMA Environmental Condition Monitor PMA Corrosion Coupon

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PMA Environmental Condition Monitor™

ProMark continues to provide our long-time industry standard Environmental Condition Monitor™ System (ECM). The ECM is a corrosion monitoring system that provides constant surveillance of the atmospheric environment. It detects corrosion that could result in damage to expensive equipment and failure of critical operations. Early detection of corrosive conditions will enable customers to take corrective action before substantial damage occurs to sensitive computers, instrumentation systems, or other electrical equipment. The ECM is particularly useful for environmental monitoring in the control rooms of refineries, chemical plants, and pulp and paper facilities.

PMA Corrosion Coupon

ProMark’s Corrosion Coupon measures an environment’s overall potential for corrosion both qualitatively and quantitatively. Copper and silver corrosion coupons placed in a room of concern react with the air and any other gases present for 30 days. The coupons are then returned to the ProMark’s laboratory for analysis to determine the specific gases present and their average concentration levels. The detailed results analysis can be used to design the perfect indoor air quality solution. Download the Product Specification Sheet