Commissioning New Casino TS-APS Installation

On April 20, 2015, I arrived in Canada’s Quebec province to commission a Total Spectrum® Air Purification System (TS-APS) installed in a new casino. Smoking will be allowed so air quality was a major issue. Unlike our first casino ten years ago, we built everything in the factory so it arrived ready to be powered up. First we installed the two stages of PMA25 modules with media that arrived separately due to weight. The TS-APS is 6 ft high and 10 ft wide so there were 90 modules per stage to handle 24,000 cfm. I helped load them and got a good workout!

Once the modules were in place, going through the commissioning form took an hour, double-checking controls, UV lamps and safety door switch operations. We found no problems and were done by 5:00 pm leaving the unit running. Next morning I returned to recheck it and saw the run timer showed no stoppages and all lamps were on. I reviewed what needed to be checked periodically and when to take media samples for analysis with the facilities manager. He told me he thoroughly understood its operation and what he needs to do. We were done in less than an hour. This was nothing like the install of our first TS-APS that took days to complete on site.

This facility opted to install our Real-Time IAQ monitoring system so I spent time with the controls people determining where to install the sensors. There is construction work still going on so system operation must wait. I am looking forward to the data we will gather that will validate the TS-APS is performing as designed. Look for a 6 month update in October.

- Jeff Roseberry , President, ProMark Associates, Inc.