How Serious are the Issues of IAQ?

In a recent report, UL’s scientists estimated that there are 80,000 chemicals in international commerce today, with only 3% having been fully evaluated for health impacts. The danger is exacerbated by sealing building envelopes to conserve energy and trapping some of these chemicals inside buildings. The increase in awareness of mold as a cause of human health complications has catalyzed an uptick in related lawsuits in the United States. It has been documented that potential causes of cancer can be viral or chemical.

As the third beneficiary of sustainability programs (along with energy and water savings), Indoor Air Quality has emerged as a key area in driving returns on investment, with significant economic impact derived from increased worker productivity. Providing solutions to enhance the quality of the air we breathe is vital. ProMark delivers sustainable air purification results that benefit people and our planet.

- Jeff Roseberry , President, ProMark Associates, Inc.