Confusion over the word “filter”

I find that using the word “filter” conjures up very different pictures and understanding in people’s minds as everybody has the reference of home furnace filters–mostly the low end of possibilities. There are many filter types and various purposes making it very confusing. Here’s what I say to make sure who I’m talking to understands what I am talking about.

We are in the gas-phase filtration business, taking allergens, bacteria, chemicals, odors, particulates, and viruses out of the air using “filters” that look like commercial HVAC filters but have our gas-phase filtration media caught in the filter fibers so they come in contact with the gases. This takes chemistry and physics to trap and hold or chemically convert contaminants to safe solids, and must incorporate low pressure drop (low energy use), renewable media and high removal efficiencies.

- Jeff Roseberry , President, ProMark Associates, Inc.